path to imagemagick?

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path to imagemagick?

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I'm trying to turn on some features in Gallery2 script and it needs to know the path to the Imagemagick binaries. TRU Networks advertises as having Imagemagick installed but I can't find any info on it. Can someone provide the path? Maybe a sticky of all possible paths users may need? Thanks.
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Re: path to imagemagick?

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The path to enter is as follows:

This is most likely caused by the "exec" function being disabled in the server's PHP configuration; however, it is possible to re-enable it by simply using a custom PHP configuration (php.ini) file that specifies it to be on.

You may download an example php.ini file from our web site's FAQ; alternatively, if you send an e-mail to our support address we can set this up for you; (in the e-mail please include the directory path and or URL to your installed Gallery2 script and, optionally, your Gallery2 administrator login username and password so we may complete the setup for you).
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